Thursday, 10 June 2010


Three data points make a trend, as exemplified by the following sms exchange with Kel. Or D.

Kel: D says: I discovered a trend! Kok siong likes girls whose name starts with 'M'. M******* to M*** to M****i! I think he likes/liked mf too!

mf: Oh, right... I discover a trend too - I've always been with guys whose name has a k. I think I liked Kok AND YOU too!! :)

And since we're on trends, let's talk maths..

mf emailed Kel one day:
i find myself procrastinating starting on a piece of work that requires number crunching....
which led me to think: why did i choose maths???!

because you use symbols in Maths :)
if you like number crunching you'll choose accountancy :)

This is called 恍然大悟!

I hate it when people kind of expect me to jump into quant stuff - including splitting dinner bills! - just cos I majored in maths. So, I did do maths - but along the way, I forgot my multiplication tables and learnt Greek instead!

On a totally unrelated note, Sito bought a new laptop! And I inherit his macbook! Yeah!

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