Monday, 14 June 2010

Excitement is building up!

We're going away in August! Sito will be doing a two-year MBA at Kellogg starting this fall :) And I'm following! :))

We have obtained accommodation, applied for visa, and... I think that's about it so far :p Still loads to be done... We're getting things done slowly, one at a time..

Getting rather excited about this.. Just a pity that we haven't really spent time in our nice neighbourhood - like having supper at Crystal Jade at 2am, brunching at this place whose name I can't remember, eat at one of those little eateries and restaurants nearby.. Eh? All food? Heh...

And I'll be clearing leave from mid July before going on no-pay leave - it's :( at no-pay and :)) at leave! Now I'm a little stressed over the hand-over for work.. It's a mega hand-over... Shall fret about it at work, not at home :)

Will have finished my Montessori coursework by then - accelerating it by taking on Saturday classes as well - siong! Then I'll defer my exams to December so I'll be back in a bit :p That means I'll need to study while Sito studies :) After exams, I'll watch more stuff on youtube hohohoho! Bored? Never! :))


  1. Congrats! I bet u dun mind taking unpaid leave since work has sort of saturated for u. Maybe the 2 yrs will refresh & recharge u.

  2. Must catch up before you take a well-deserved break overseas =) - Zain


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