Saturday, 18 September 2010

Review of mf-ism

Just realised last night that when geocities died, so did the links to my old photos inside *.* Spent a few hours matching my archived photos to the right posts and uploading them to picassa - got my shoulders in a knot with no SGD28 massage therapist in sight..

But that gave me an opportunity to look through some old posts, and I marvelled at myself: where did my inspiration come from? Interesting encounters with friends and family, I believe, the frequency of which had dwindled significantly in the past two to three years, replaced by workload.

I tried to jot down my thoughts even though I had not much time to blog properly. But now when I look at that word document, I couldn't remember what I was thinking back then.. Hopefully, with time on my hands now, I can get more done..

And, I'm thinking of revamping my blog design.. It's been a while.. Shall see what blogger has to offer...

Update a couple of hours later..

Well, I've "revamped" my blog design..


Kind of screwed up the entire thing for a scary 2 minute using the design template and format options etc so I kept the changes to a minimum:

a) blog title is no longer in super large font and split uglily into three lines on the left..
b) picture is updated from 26-year-old mf to 30-year-old (and cuter) mf :p
c) old fluff is listed on page instead of drop-down - I noticed a significant drop in volume in 2007 when work got real busy..
d) removed "where mf wanders" cos of too many dead links! Saved active links in my bookmarks instead..
e) comments are now known as fluff balls :)

Wanted to rephrase the two links under "about mf" but couldn't! I vaguely remember writing them (and "says mf") directly into html some four years ago before blogger introduced the templates for page elements.. Now I can't find it in the html template *.*

Well, when I feel like it, I may consider a real revamp..

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