Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Finally a housewife! :)

It’s been some six weeks now. After all the orientation activities, life is kind of reaching steady state.

I’ve been cooking quite a bit, of course taking reference from various recipes online since I can cook only a few items... Used to eat just these dishes even though I was cooking almost everyday in Oxford :p But now, it isn’t just mf, so I can’t just have pancakes or aglio olio fusili every day! :p

And I'm also packing lunch for Sito on some days. He isn't going to do any microwaving so I'm very glad to have found a website with recipes that need no reheating :)

Anyway, some of my favourite dishes so far:

This was my second attempt at nikujaga - the first time I added too much water so made that a soup instead :p This, was yummy :)

And this is a pseudo braised tofu - replaced cabbage with broccoli, fatty pork with sausages :p

Miso pork turned out to be easy and super yummy! Packed it for our lunch - delicious even when it was not hot :)

I realise that a housewife doesn’t have a lot of time. Just thinking of whipping up yummy and nutritious meals – especially those that can be packed into a bento – takes a few hours every week! I go to the supermarket twice a week; Sito comes along during the weekend to carry heavy staples.

Then there’s the cleaning.. The kitchen is always full of food splatter and stains, which are so difficult to remove!! Our room is filled with food smells after cooking so we open the window, but that always brings in a layer of dust.. The toilet is another story – there is no sewage hole in the floor so I can’t just rinse the toilet bowl and the floor with water! Bought chlorox wipes and a magic mop instead.. And then there’s the usual thousand strands of hair on the floor, but the hoover on loan at the lobby is simply useless...

Overall? Hmmm, I like this, heh :p

Oh, and I’ve also been watching dramas on You Tube.. *sheepish* And trying to spend some time in the gym, on the treadmill..

But from next month onwards, I’ll have less leisure time.. MONTESSORI EXAMS ARE COMING UP! =( And, I should really get down to improving myself – learn pilates and Spanish, catch up on some reading, read newspapers regularly..

More on being a housewife later :)

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  1. That's a lot done in just 6 weeks! You're doing great =) - Zain


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