Monday, 20 September 2010

Timid, paranoid mf..

I was taken aback by the moving shadows of my own fingers on the keyboard!!

Thought it was some creepy crawlie...


I tend to freak out easily, very often the fault of no one but myself.. Sometimes, I would look into the mirror and get a shock if my eye make-up runs.. Sometimes, it's a blurred reflection of my long-haired self in a window at night... Sometimes, especially when jogging, I would somehow see an insect on my arm and try to sweep it off - it always turns out to be a very forgettable mole!

But the worst is in the mind - like when Sito said he would be gone for a short while but came back really late or did not reply my text, I couldn't rest. I'd wonder if he was lying drunk on some couch, or stranded in a foreign town without a cab home.. I know I know - I'm paranoid, and I should give him more credit than that...

Need to learn to be more zen... Ohmmm..


  1. I hardly facebook now, no time to facebook, only login more frequently esp i just got myself ipone now.. A great hi to you too, i m fine, still working, as busy as ever. Realised that you are a tai tai now, great life girl!! enjoy this 2 yr break, envy you!!

  2. Aye, it's not easy being the one waiting at home. There was this once I prepared a surprise dinner only to have my guy call me later that he'll be home late with his frens. There r also days where he promised to be home at the appointed time but gotten held up again. I totally get your 'feel'!


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