Thursday, 23 September 2010

Universal Studios Singapore!

Going to USS was the only fun thing we did between work and Evanston.. After I started clearing leave, I was still archiving work stuff almost every weekday morning. Sito fell ill in his last week at work and I caught it from him after that – so for almost two weeks, we had bland food and stayed in lots.. And after some massive of packing, USS was especially wonderful :)

Went to Far Far Away first to catch a glimpse of...

Psst, more ogre to come later :p

And Princess Fiona! See, we were wearing the same colour :)

Egypt was next but we found that we had deposit our bag… We couldn’t get a locker somehow so Sito held the bag while I went for the single rider queue.

The ride was fantastic! It was my favourite ride in USS :)

When I came out, Sito found another set of lockers so we went in together – it was still as good!! :)

The queue for the ride at Jurassic Park was the longest for us but it was just about 30 min. That gave me time to take more pictures..

We were still wondering about the getting wet part...

By this point, we have seen people coming out wet!

But we realised that only about half the people would get wet. So it was a matter of where you were at the drop. And we knew exactly where that was *.*

Well, thanks to Na who told me about it, we didn’t wear our Birkenstocks, and the rest just dried off very quickly..

Oooh, my frog prince :)

Sito loves these penguins from Madagascar..

And I love the giraffe! (forgot his name...)

This is very cute:

And so is this!

I think by then we had gone through all the rides already.. Went to explore the shops etc, and took the picture at the top of this page – mf with "poor thing" look :)

And then we stumbled upon the Donkey Show.. Not knowing what it was, we just went ahead anyway and it turned out really fun...

So they had an emcee among the audience, who bantered with the donkey on stage. Emcee got a kid to ask the donkey questions etc… He wanted to find an ogre...


And Donkey made Sito take an ogre pledge that went something like, “I promise to pass gas loudly in public...”

Oh, my ogre :)

Wait, does that make me Princess Fiona? :))

Went walking some more and chanced upon a dinosaur! So cute! :)

Then we went for a slow little ride – we took number MF 007 :)

USS is small compared to other theme parks we’ve been. We walked the entire place within a few short hours, including queuing for the rides. But I guess it was a weekday, so the queues were very manageable. In fact, we went back to Egypt again! Third time for me and second for Sito :p

And before we left, we found Betty Boop!

Ah, we were happy :)

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