Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ring ring!

My love-hate relationship with the telephone started in kindergarten, when Yan and I would call each other after school to talk about baby things and sing what we called 小人歌 (e.g. 客人来,看爸爸.. so cute) and 大人歌 (e.g. 曾经是对你说过这是个无言的结局.. omg, that's ANCIENT) :p We really enjoyed that :)

Don't remember using the phone much throughout primary and secondary but in JC, there was this trend of chatting 300 hours on the phone at one go. At the time, only a handful had pagers, old gadgets you seldom see these days! The first mobile phone among my friends emerged only after JC; by university, almost everyone had one. These days, primary school kids carry them around too - do they really need them??


In the past few years, my list of recent numbers for call and text had only the few usual suspects - Sito for sure, CY, Kel... And my bosses made it to the top 10, or even top five! But that went down quite a bit since 2009..

I got so used to a relatively silent phone that it always struck me odd - and even irritated me - to hear mobile phones going off all the time - on the trains (hate those who sound out their 100 ringtones on trains!), in restaurants, in cinemas (that's really irritating!), and in the office (especially if I was very busy). Suddenly remember an ex-colleague from six-seven years ago who commented that before XX joined us, no mobile phone had ever rung like that in the office - guess that formed my first perception of mobile phones being a public nuisance..

And, that pig of a brother always sleeps like he's hibernating and when his friends cannot get him on his mobile cos he's sleeping, they would call the house and ask whoever picks up to wake him.. That tended to be me on weekends before I moved out.. Hello, I'm not your maid, and in case you forget, we've never had a maid..

After Sito and I moved in together, my phone usage dropped by half - I hardly utilised all my 100 free minutes each month in the past 10 months. And here, mobile plans are significantly more expensive - actually not quite cos there are 500 free minutes and free nights etc but well, we don't use that much and our landline is free so.. Still, we can't go without a mobile - in fact, I often feel quite lost without my trusty Pinky II *.*

My feet got really cold from the aircon halfway through this - so I wore these :)

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