Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First day at work! Again!

And I wore the same dress I wore on my first day of work on 3 Nov 2003 :p

The office is so different from last time.. Didn't do much today, just some IT and admin, catching up with old friends and making new ones. The handover will be complete tomorrow so I guess that's when I'll really be back to the grind...

Besides being my first day back, today had many other firsts as well..

1) First time that Sito and I took the train together to office! He alights one stop after me :)

2) First time we saw ommuters line up in two straight lines to board the train! I thought I was out of the workforce for too long but Sito said this was hs first as well. But strangely, this happened only at the Buona Vista station on the circle line, and more obvious in the morning than evening.

3) First time using two monitors to work! I was doing little today and yet I felt more efficient. Can't wait until real work lands on my desk...!

4) First time pumping at work! Not my first time pumping outside home - that was at Isetan last Thursday - but I had some trouble setting up shop. The plug was too big to fit into the socket panel on my desk and too heavy to stay attached to a wall socket! Took some adjustment to make things work..

5) First time using new pump! Ok, I bought it secondhand so it's not new but it's new to me! And what a good pump it is! I've never seen my milk milk come out so fast and furious that it bubbled!

6) First time leaving work at 6 pm, not to go study, but to go home! The train was largely empty on the east west line - perhaps many people are still on leave.. Circle line was manageable.

7) First time that ZK was so excited to see me when I picked him up! And when I went for him, he stretched out his arms :) He made a little noise on the way home, which was unusual, but he was happy when he was back, which was unusual too! Had a nice time while changing and massaging him :)

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