Sunday, 27 January 2013

Busy ZK

This boy has really bad sleep poses, courtesy of his mama no doubt, ha! Just now when I went in to mop the floor - have to do that every night cos of the dusty demolition of the en bloc flat opposite - I found that he had deserted his soft bolster and pacifier, turned 90 degrees, and found his firm bolster.

Redid the setup in his room after mopping. Found him on the floor between the width of his bed and the cabinet last night, and also on the floor near the bottom of his bed a few times last week - no cushion there! So now, there's a heavy pillow at the bottom of his bed and I've lined the floor along whole length of his bed with blankets. Let's see where I'll find him later tonight..

One reason he's moving about so much is that he's trying to crawl. Really! He's been pushing up on his knees, then dropping to his side when he can't balance his butt in the air :p And every time he moves significantly, he wakes himself up. When I put him on his play mat this morning, he was moving around very quickly, pivoting on his belly to reach his toys. Think it's a matter of time before he moves forward instead :)

So he's a really busy boy lately, learning to crawl, sit, stand and speak all at the same time! This morning, he sat without support for a little while - so proud of this little fellow! :) And he kept babbling when he woke up this afternoon from a nap. He was so cute - he woke, smiled at me, rolled off, saw Sito sleeping on his other side and started to reach for him! All of us were very happy :)

That was also quite a nap - he had me as a pacifier THE WHOLE TIME! I wasn't sore but.. Well, this emoticon says it all: O_o !!!

Recently, he has been nursing like he's having a hamburger - squeeeeze! It can get pretty painful sometimes, especially towards the end of the week when his nails are long.. But well, I take it that he's learning to better his grip.. He also likes to grasp at the bottle when I pump the other side while nursing him every morning. Sometimes, he'll pull the tube off. Jealous? :p

I hope he sleeps through tonight. Last night, he woke at 2.20 am. I napped next to him while he rolled about. He dozed off by 2.40 am and I got up to pump. He didn't get up until 6 am, phew! The three nights before that were bad - he got up to poop at about 4 am and called out by 4.15 am!! After changing him, it took around an hour to get him down again. It was brutal. Think I'd better get some sleep now while I can!

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