Tuesday, 22 January 2013

To bia or not to bia

Heard a whining baby on my way up to the infant area yesterday evening. Couldn't tell which baby it was. Then I looked through the glass panel on the door and saw ZK sitting happily on a high chair - not him! After signing out on his daily sheet, I went in to get my happy baby who flashed a lovely smile at me! :)

As usual, he became unhappy the moment he was wheeled into the house, only to become happy again when I picked him up and set him up for bed. Today, he was very very happy on our bed while I was changing. Such a lovely smile :)

At times like this, I'm super happy that I'm able to be here with him - physically and mentally, with no OT and no work on my mind.

Yesterday must be the most boring work day ever. I read newspapers, read blogs relating to my work, explored websites relating to my work, read the media release for the enhanced marriage and parenthood package, did some small submissions and discussed a paper with a colleague. I even spent 1 hour 10 min going home to get my milk bottles cos I forgot about them, and then pumped twice. I regretted having lunch at my desk; I had so much time!

I think it's partly because the work in this unit is pretty much on auto-pilot now. I'm wondering whether I should ask for more work. But it's dangerous - it's easy to get more work but it's not easy to shed work. Yes, I'm greedy - I want to be more occupied and have good work-life balance at the same time. I miss what I used to do but I don't miss the endless work and time spent on work. Time is a very precious commodity now.

I wake early with ZK, pack him off to school and return to do various chores in the house before preparing for work. I always do things while chewing on my muesli; I haven't sat down for breakfast for a long time now. This morning, I also had to change his bedsheets even though they were changed only yesterday cos he had a major poopy blowout AND he rolled around *.* Then at night, after he has gone to bed, I'll be busy with chores again - washing bottles, settling his laundry, thawing his milk, preparing our bags for tomorrow. And I have some me time while waiting for the right time to pump the last time for the day.

Discussed this with Sito last night. He jokingly said that for the sake of a bigger house, perhaps I could take on more, get more bonus etc, heh! But ultimately, I must be happy with what I do. And have time for our little family.

So today, I talked to DC - she's now my boss - about it. We concluded that we should try to stir shit within our unit first :) So well, we shall see!

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