Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Thinking of my baby

My baby is sleeping soundly now. Stay that way for the rest of the night please :)

But I miss him. He was so cute and fun this evening! Must tell Sito later...

Although ZK has recovered from his illness, he hasn't recovered his appetite for solids :( Last weekend, he had very little rice cereal. And he spit out my steamed apple when he used to eat it while making a face. But he is still very excited about his rice crackers! And last Saturday, I was having some bread and since he was positively staring, I gave him a little piece. He stuffed the whole thing into his mouth and after a while, it was gone!

He loves bread like his mama does?! :)) I foresee mornings full of beautiful sandwiches!! :)))

Last weekend, we decided to shower him. He's been getting too big for his bathtub for quite a while now. And the last few times, he was thrashing about in the tub even though he wasn't cranky. So Saturday, I passed ZK to Sito when he took an early shower - papa-and-son shower time! :) I took pictures but they were quite blur as my shower glass was pretty dirty by the weekend; part-time cleaner comes on Monday.

ZK looked quite blur :p But he didn't complain at all. When he was done, Sito deposited him onto the towel I had on me and continued his shower while I dried ZK and did the usual evening stuff.

And Sunday, I decided to swap roles with Sito. I finished showering and had Sito pass ZK to me. I used a lot more baby shampoo and shower foam than Sito did the day before - I've never seen ZK so soapy! He was super clean that day. He looked super cute. He felt super smooth and soft. And he was super close. Then I realised it. I hadn't been this close - skin close! - to him since the day he was born!

It was a very good experience. I think we would shower him during the weekends from now until he can sit well enough in the bigger bathtub.

Now that I'm working, I don't get to see him as much as before. Sometimes I'll think of him and his cute antics. Even his expressionless face is super cute. Like last night when he woke at 1.30 am and stared at me, refusing to sleep. I let him be and lay next to him, watching him roll around, sometimes turning around to look at me, expressionless, and sometimes giving me a kick here and there. Finally, he stared into the darkness and slowly closed his eyes. When we woke, I found him sitting on the floor and leaning forward on his bed, with his head turned towards the door cos he heard me. And oh yes, with poop all over his back!

And on the topic of sleep, I forgot to mention in my last update that besides being able to sleep through without a night feed, he could now nap for longer than 30 min. Last Saturday, he took a 1.5-hour nap and a 2-hour nap! I think his bolster helps. Mum got him this bolster that is very light and soft, perfect for his little limbs. The bolsters from me are too firm and round for him to handle so they're lining his bed for now. I'm now looking for a good opportunity to take a photo of him sleeping with his bolster :)

Oh, I've gone back on my word about no TV until pre-school age. There were bad days just before he started going to infant care when I didn't know what to do with him. So I sat him down in front of the TV and turned it on for five minutes *.* But it was so funny to see him watching the moving images so intently!

I'm getting sleepy. Gonna rest a bit before pumping. Better not turn off my alarm like I did last night - and did not wake up to pump until 2 am!!

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