Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Random pictures

Some random pictures to share..

It was a lovely early morning on ZK's third day in infant care. The little boy gets packed off to school very early. He's usually the first infant to arrive. I'm glad that he seems happy there..

Hilarious notice!! Honestly, I don't mind if cockroaches die.. I'm in favour of the genocide of all creepy crawlies!

Found my old Nokia 8250 among my belongings in the office - brought it to office a few years ago cos we needed a phone with no camera. But I no longer had the charger and it couldn't work *.* It continued to stay on my desk until yesterday when I finally chucked it.

Um, really?!

Poor Meh.. I decided to give her away in the recycling bag - I no longer hugged her to bed and she had been gathering dust on our bed board. Someone else would be able to give her more love.. BUT! I forgot to attach a note to her! I'm so sad. It felt as if she was abandoned.. When I gave Eeyore away, I wrote a nice little note. And I love Meh more than Eeyore! Thanks, Meh, for accompanying me through so many nights.. And with her departure, my bedmates are all history...

Snake in the house! In the name of the coming LNY! :) This is actually a bumper pad. Mum got it for ZK for fear that he would knock his head on the wall when he rolls around in his bed. Should be dry by tomorrow..

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