Saturday, 2 February 2013

New clothes for new year?

The other day, I asked Sito if he was going get some new clothes for LNY.

"Need meh?"

Well, I don't recall him doing that even once all these years.

I asked him if he got new clothes all the time since he was a kid. He wasn't too sure. Probably. Or maybe it's a men's thing; it doesn't matter to him whether he gets new clothes!

I used to get new clothes only during LNY. For most of my schooling years, I remember buying two sets of new clothes every LNY - one each for visiting each grandmother on the first two days - and one pair of new shoes.

It wasn't until I started working that I could get clothes for myself any time of the year. But it's already a habit, to get new clothes for LNY. And it's always a happy thing, to shop for LNY clothes, even though I can now get clothes any time.

I got a simple dress in December and a pretty top last week when I shopped over lunch. Today, Sito got a polo T-shirt - it's now in the tumble dryer. Went shopping after collecting ZK's passport - his first photo ID!!

Anyway, today, Mum confirmed that Sito got new clothes during LNY and here and there too. Lucky boy..

ZK is also very lucky. He has a lot of new clothes! And I think he has some new clothes that are now too small to start wearing! That's what happens when there are too many items to keep track off.. And I tend to keep using the onesies so the shirts get neglected and forgotten.. I hope to clear his wardrobe a bit in the coming week. Do a mini 大扫除!

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