Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy new year!

... to me! Yes, I got my first 压岁钱! Mama hid it under the corner pillow and guided me to find it. But I hardly grabbed it when she pulled it away from my mouth me, bah!

And here's one from the family - we wish everyone a prosperous year of the little dragon!

Sito: My hair is messy..
mf: I look like crap la.. *got a cold*
ZK: I'm cute :)

Had reunion dinner with my in-laws - Mum cooked a spread of yumminess and all six of use sat at the dining table. Yes, including ZK! Brought his little chair along :)

Yesterday, we went first to Mother's place before heading to Aunt's place for lunch. Yes, must 拜年 to her separately even though she was going to Aunt's place anyway. Lesson learnt from 2010 - quite extra but have to do.

It was so fun at Aunt's place! Almost everyone was there and ZK was very happy too! :) The two jiejies were very cute, playing some guarding door game. That was very familiar, think we the first cousins played a similar version 20 odd years ago!! Now it's the second cousins' turn..

Really getting old la.. When ZK and I were going past the door, one of them said, "Now the baby and the auntie" *.*

We didn't do much today, just nua-ing around. Had Mexican for dinner. ZK didn't seem to like it much.. At least he's much better now - more on his illness next time... So we gave him his first shower in six days! But he started sweating once we settled down to nurse, oh well.. There's always the next shower...

And now, it's R&R time for papa and mama! Papa has just finished cutting his nails. Time to turn from the blog channel to the movie channel..

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