Monday, 25 February 2013

ZK at seven months

Didn't manage to update until now... As mentioned, he's a busy boy, learning to do so many things at once :)

I'm standing! I'm standing!

My boys, at some iPhone game...

Yay, I've got my own passport to eat!

Reading the last book in The Wheel of Time..

Because I'm a 埋头-kun..

Gave him a whole slice of an apple - he made some dents in it :)

But puree, he wasn't too impressed... My little vampire after some carrot puree :)

Mama gave me biscuit coated with carrot puree, but I'm smart - I got my revenge on the floor!

And yet he wanted food! So poor thing, to watch us have a grand reunion dinner :p

What? Why is my table empty while yours is so full of food?!

Pacifying me with only these?!

Gave him his first formula on the first day of LNY. He took to it greedily! But his eventual poop was pretty disgusting! Now I understand why the websites keep saying that breastfed baby poop may smell sweet *.*

Second day of LNY - dinner at El Patio downstairs. Food was ok but served by a team of the most unhappy attendants we'd ever had!

Oh, his hair is getting long, so long that we had to use a hairdryer after showering him haha!

The LNY holidays were amazing. The three of us spent so much time together, just playing and nua-ing. We kept hearing ZK say something close to "daddy" :) But hey, what about Mama??

We napped a lot together too. This is how he looks like, asleep in my arms :)

Another sleep shot. Found him asleep - and looking fat! - in the IFC rocker when I went to fetch him :)

Saturday after LNY holidays - in between two house visits, this little beng beng took a rest on the sofa..

New toy at grandparents' place - and sitting happily!

His poop schedule changed since he started on formula milk. That night, I was sniffing around his little bottom through his PJs and wondering if that was gas or poop! This morning, he gave me three days of poop at one shot. Pretty nasty haha! But well, better out than not!

Th next day, we did the quintessentially Singaporean thing - we visited showflats hoho! And in between D'Leedon and Interlace, we had Macs and took a picture with Ronald :p

He wasn't smiling then but that day, he was laughing so happily while in the car! Beats me why....

Mama, are we going to live here? Quite comfy...

Wait a few more years, my son!

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