Tuesday, 5 February 2013

On leave!

Woke at 6 am with a jolt. You mean ZK didn't stir throughout the night??

I thought for a while and recalled that he coughed at around 3 am but didn't wake up. I barely turned my head to the monitor and then went back to sleep.

That was a good six hours of sleep! Longest stretch of bed time for me since 12 Jul 2012! Thank you, my little one! :)

So I woke and went about my morning stuff - put together my pump parts and bottles which were left to dry overnight, toilet break, brushed teeth. Then, panic - why is he still sleeping? Usually if he doesn't wake in the middle of the night, he would be awake by now!

Took my flashlight to his room and I saw him squint in the sudden brightness. Phew, he's alive! Hoho, paranoid mama!

He measured 37.4 deg in bed. After changing his poopy everything and nursing, he measured 37.7 deg. After my breakfast, he measured 37.3 deg. Wth?!

I've decided that I won't give him paracetamol for fevers below 38 deg. So I stuck the cool pad on his lower back and texted boss to say I'd take childcare leave today. She replied about a fire at work this morning - luckily I checked email last night so I told her I'd replied, yay! :p

ZK measured below 37 deg for the rest of the morning. When I woke with him from his second nap, I wasn't too well - my sneeze sounded bad, and the nose was dripping. Already had phlegm and a sore throat in the morning. My morning Berocca had failed!! Think I may need to drink it every morning for good results; did that for two months back in 2008 and I didn't get my usual July/August big bad cold although I came down horrible in November that year..

So anyway, I packed him off to IFC, came home to pump, had foot reflexology downstairs and came home just before the downpour, ran the washer and lay down on the sofa for a nap. But, I couldn't fall asleep! Sito suggested reading one of his books :p I guess I took the wrong book - it was the exec summary but it got quite interesting so I stopped and tried to nap again.

Well, I failed. So here I am... I think I should go read about the population white paper.. I've only read the exec summary and no news. Should really catch up.

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