Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In the mood for shopping

Been on gmarket for the past hour - selected a few pyjamas for ZK :) He's outgrowing his current ones! Each is about $2 cheaper than if I buy near my office. And prettier too!

Also checked out some wallets. My old Braun Buffel is now about seven or eight years old. Still usable although the leather is starting to tear at the folds and some threads are starting to fray. It was such a good buy at less than $100! I have a couple of wallets lying around but somehow I'm partial to this particular type. Guess I'll take some time to find another one like this! (Or I can go back to get the same thing!)

Today, we went to Vivocity for lunch. Wanted teppan buffet but they stopped having buffets! Argh! Ended up at Macs *.* But we had space for dessert. Also did some grocery shopping. And I tried on a dress *smile* Very nice *smile* I fitted into a size 36 *SMILE* But one size bigger would be more comfortable. Unfortunately, I thought that was a 38 so I tried on a 40 - too big! I didn't realise it until after I changed out. Bah, too lazy to try 38 by then.

In any case, it was $100. Sito said it was alright but I need to think about it - it's expensive and also, I don't want to create a new price benchmark for future dresses *.* And unlike Sito who wears his $100+ shirts every other week, I doubt I'll wear the dress every other week. Well, let me sit on it for a few days..

Maybe I should go back to gmarket to look for similar dresses.. For a fraction of the price!

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