Friday, 22 February 2013

What I've learned today

1) Ballroom sculpting

Made two angry birds today at our directorate retreat :) My team's flying bird totally missed the pig tower though..

Actually, everyone made just one but two of my colleagues were stuck in office with preparation for a big event tomorrow. ZK is still too young to appreciate but they have young kids so I gave these to them.

2) The world is unfair.

For said event, the lowest paid staff seemed to be doing the most work. It really shouldn't be like that. And I should do something about it.

3) But god is fair.

So I've been pretty big-sized among friends in my schooling years and felt very self-conscious about it. But today, after having a kid, I was told I was hot in my pink tunic and silvery tights, ha! Suddenly I don't feel so bad for starting to notice wrinkles under my eyes!

4) It's up to me to make life easier.

Life is hard. But I can make it easier, by being agreeable, by simplifying things, by leaving the logarithmic mf out of the linear equation of life. Ok, that was babbling and trying to hard to sound like I know my maths :p

5) ZK is worth everything in the world.

He just stirred - what's new? - and after settling him, I just knelt by his bed to look at his dark sleeping form for a short while before leaving his room. Yes, he's worth everything in the world. For him, I can take anything.

6) I should be more thankful for my friends.

Because when I'm unable to see ZK lest I disturb his sleep, my friends are only a byte or a call away. Thanks for letting me go crying to you. Next up - we should meet!

7) I should be most thankful for my Sito.

Because we have chosen each other, warts and all. Thanks for everything good in my life.

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