Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Household SuperCute

Shared with Sito this 欠扁问答题:

mf: What is this? *made my palms swim*
Sito: Fish?
mf: What is this? *made my fists swim*
Sito: *looks at wife*
mf: Fishballs :D

So he asked me back..

Sito: Test you maths! If 1 = 5, ... Eh... *thinking*
mf: Tester fail!
Sito: *sulk*
Sito: Ok, if 1 = 5, 2 = 54, 3 = 543, 4 = 5434, what is 5?
mf: 1? *immediate reply*
Sito: Why do you know?! *sulk*
mf: Heh! But why is 4 = 5434?
Sito: Should be 5432 but why do you know??

Just one of our random times :)

Went in to check ZK's temperature just now. No fever :) But I lingered for a while cos he was so cute just lying there, asleep with his pacifier stuck between his cheek and the bed :)

Then I came back to the study and Sito did his fishball hands.. Ya, it's our most recent cute gesture.. (We have cute sounds too! Later!)

So I sang a random tune with these words:

I turn around and see cuteness..
I go into black black room and see cuteness...
I look into mirror and also see cuteness!


1 comment:

  1. I did the fishball riddle with my hubby. He couldn't get it either and we had a good laugh over it


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