Monday, 4 February 2013

My little hot potato

Sighs, ZK is ill again :( So poor thing, and it makes me all flustered too.

When he had bronchiolitis last month starting the weekend before my birthday, I forgot my birthday for the first time since I became aware of birthdays. I was nursing the poor boy on the sofa on my birthday morning - very early morning - and checking Facebook at the same time. I thought it strange that three friends had written on my wall... "What's up?" Then I realised.

Last week, barely a month after his bronchiolitis, he came down with a fever while in IFC. Got a call while I was shopping for shoes over lunch *.* Had to get back to office to get my stuff etc so Mum helped to get ZK. That was also the day when a car plunged into a hole along Keppel Road so I barely made it home in time due to a jam. But I managed to bump into grandma and grandson outside the centre so we cabbed down to the GP downstairs, 10 minutes before closing time!

Doc gave his lungs the all clear but said that his fever would take some three days to go away. And she was right. I kept sending ZK to IFC in the morning but every day around noon or 1 pm, I would get a call. But his fever was very low grade by Friday. By Saturday, nothing.

But strangely, his fever returned yesterday and with a vengeance! He fell asleep at Mum's place so by the time we got back and took his temp, he was at 38 deg, a little warm. Put him in bed with some medicine, but at 11 plus, Sito who kindly went in to attend to ZK woke me to tell me that ZK was at 39.4 deg!

I was so sleepy and so worried. And since ZK was awake already, we gave him some medicine and I nursed him to sleep - first night feed in quite a while.. He woke a few more times last night. Changed his wet diapers once and also his PJs as he was sweating. His fever dropped but stabilised at about 38.8 deg to 39.0 deg.

This morning, seeing that his fever returned higher and that it hadn't gone away like before, we took him to NUH again. This time, everything was clear as well, but we got a different medicine. Doc said he might take five days to recover *.*

I took morning leave and Mum took care of him in the afternoon. Apparently, he was cranky and/or sleepy the whole afternoon. And he went over 39 deg again! I was in a meeting then and felt so sad :( I was so happy when I saw him break into a little smile in the evening!

He's not having a fever now. Hope he'll be all good by tomorrow morning..

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