Monday, 4 February 2013

While ZK was in IFC and we weren't working..

Now this is super overdue!!

17 Dec 2012
Had my first facial and first massage in a very very long time. And yes, they were good..

18 Dec 2012
Had lunch on my own at Star Vista before a pedicure. Also very good, both of them.

Goemon Japanese pasta - oily but very yummy!

19 Dec 2012
Did a health screening finally! But the stupid clinic totally forgot to call me! I'm going to get the report this Saturday. Enjoyed foot reflexology without ZK for the first time! The boss must be relieved - he used to give me a room just in case ZK started to fuss!

20 Dec 2012
Rebonding. Need I say more? I'm pretty now! :)

21 Dec 2012
ZK wasn't at IFC as it was their year-end cleaning day. But we had fun over dinner with three aunties! Last we had a meal together was years ago, coincidentally also Mexican!

24 Dec 2012
Sito's working day but his office was closed so we had an early breakfast at Wendy's!

Very rare but Sito had an interview that morning - he interviewing Kellogg applicants - and I had a TCM appointment for my numb left toe. Turned out to be a lesson in TCM *.* And I couldn't take their medicine cos it couldn't be cooked in a metal pot - I only have an induction cooker!

26 Dec 2012
Sito's enforced leave starts!

We woke early for dental appointments. But I forgot that I had to pump. So I was very late for my appointment. In fact, I was so late the dentist couldn't see me anymore!! Made another appointment for 31st morning instead..

Nvm, we took photos of me with Samantha :)

Our plan was to watch movieS, yes, movieS with a capital S! :) But first, we must eat - we walked from Clarke Quay to Miramar Hotel for Japanese buffet at Ikoi! As usual, service was slow. So I ordered a lot at one shot. And I think that was our only order.. It was a lot though..

Cute agedashi tofu :)

Then we took a cab to Orchard to catch Wreck-It Ralph - it was so good! But Cineleisure was really crowded and noisy! Holiday season plus school holidays plus a very young crowd..

27 Dec 2012
Set off early to catch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Bought the tickets at Shaw and turned back to Macs at Forum for breakfast :p

The afternoon was spent shopping at Ion - we got new shoes yay! And then we had a super early dinner before heading home - ramen! It's hard to eat ramen carrying ZK so...

Here's Sito's ramen in black garlic soup..

And mine, cold, with normal soup, which looks black here...

28 Dec 2012
Isetan sale! I headed out very early to buy things - had a long shopping list of baby things. But I found a pretty top for myself along the way :)

We wanted to get tickets for Life of Pi the day before but after getting our tickets for The Hobbit, the credit card system went down so we thought we would buy after the movie. Of course we forgot about it! The ticket counter wasn't open when I arrived at Isetan so I went shopping first, and... I was still queuing to pay 20 min before Life of Pi began! Worse, one of my items didn't have a price tag so the lady went upstairs to check!! Nvm, I thought, the ticket queue should be close to zero, like yesterday.

Well, I thought wrong. Many people must have gone over from the sale. Or it was a Friday thing. There was a queue for tickets :( When it was finally my turn, I saw from the screen that there were only three seats left! And the couple next to me also just asked for the same tickets! Then guess what, the sales lady serving them told the one serving me to go ahead as I reached the counter first. Phew!

Sito arrived shortly after that - ya, we were both cutting it real close! And then we went in to enjoy the movie - a full Indian cast with a token angmoh :p We enjoyed it. Should dig out the book from our cabinet one day - I bought in back in Oxford..

Having nothing much to do in town, we went home - for a massage! He went for a full-body while I had my feet done. It was heavenly.. Well, for me, at least. He suffered bruise-like pains from the masseur's massage style. I had to rub the spot for him later to relieve that pain *.*

31 Dec 2012
I suggested brunch - love brunch! - and Sito found this place for brunch at Scotts. But that outlet required advanced reservation so we ended up at the outlet at Mandarin Gallery. This Wild Honey is really popular despite the price! We both had hearty breakfast - English for him, New York for me :)

Since then, Sito has been based in Singapore and will be so until March. So whenever he comes home soon after ZK falls asleep, we are able to enjoy some time together. Recently, we've moved our desk from ZK's room to the utility room so we set up shop in there to work on our computers. Actually, work for him, leisure for me :p Or watch movies in bed. I realise it's so nice to have him around. The house isn't all dead quiet like when he was in JB on weekdays. Well, enjoy it while it lasts! No idea where his next project will take him..

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