Thursday, 28 February 2013

Our neighbourhood

Today is the last day of operations for the hawker centre at Holland Drive. It will be closed for renovation until next year. There were notices in the neighbourhood with black and white pictures of some of the stalls, informing customers where they would be relocated to.

I told Sito about it and offered one last packet of his fave vegetarian beehoon from 珍记 at the hawker centre. The queue was really long! I don't know whether it has always been so long or people were, like me for Sito, indulging one last time.

Technically, it's not the last time; the stall will continue to operate, but in Taman Jurong - now where is that?! I asked the auntie when it was my turn and confirmed that she would return to Holland Drive next year.

While queueing, I took the chance to take a good look around the hawker centre. We seldom came here to eat actually, although Sito was here a lot more often - during his MOE days and in the early ZK days when he packed food for me.

And of all days, I didn't have my phone with me today, i.e. no camera. Well, I still remember what it looks like for now..

The hawker centre is squarish. All the stalls look pretty old. Most of the smallholders are past middle age. There's a flight of stairs in the middle, right in front of the vegetarian stall, leading to the market. I've only been to the market a couple of times in 2010. One to alter a dress and another to check out the wet market - I remember being overwhelmed by all the experienced aunties there! I left without buying anything..

Anyway, so this Saturday, ZK and I won't be heading for the hawker centre like we did for so many Saturdays.. Guess it's time to explore other parts of our neighbourhood...

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  1. Taman Jurong is a neighbourhood where the nearest mrt station is Lakeside. I know because I stay there!


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