Monday, 4 November 2013

From Joo Chiat to property

Just uploaded photos but no time to post on ZK cos my Sito is home and I want to nua in bed instead of sitting at the desk - even though he's doing work now and I'll probably fall asleep to the sound of his typing!

Joined a work event two Saturdays ago in the Joo Chiat area. Stopped by an otak shop - supposedly the best in Singapore! - and bought 10 otak sticks. We had two for our sinful but oh-so-yummy instant mee dinner last night, heh...

But what's more interesting is the sign next to the otak shop:

Yup, we get the "mencare" part from the Chinese emphasis...

And this was by Ernest Zacharevic. Heard from the guide that he finished this drawing only the day before. More of what he did in Singapore here.

And I learnt something on the trip as well - you know the Chinese stone lions right? They come in a pair, or rather, a couple. How do you tell the gender? Go to a Chinese temple and check it out! (Or, scroll to the end of this post!)

I'm a stranger to the east but every time I'm there, I always think that it's quite an interesting part of town, not to mention lots of good food. But I'm no foodie. Think I'll continue to stay in central west, or the northwest in a few years' time. Last Friday, 1 Nov 2013, we completed the transfer of our little flat - we're now "occupiers" of our marital home.. It's been a good four years and five months... Ah well, darn you cooling measures!!


Answer to the stone lion mystery:
Papa plays with ball; mama plays with baby :p Where? Right under their paws!

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