Friday, 1 November 2013

1 Nov is a happy day! :)

Why? ZK played peekaboo for one!

Recently, I started putting a blanket on him like in IFC, and I thought he seemed to fall asleep more quickly. But tonight, he decided to prove me wrong - he kept tossing and pulling at the blanket. So I just pulled the thing over his face, and when he pulled it off, I went BOO! And then it carried on - peeka peeka peeka BOO! He started laughing after a few times :)

And he also suddenly spit out his pacifier and brought his left foot up to eat his big toe - he hasn't done that for a long time! My big baby really didn't want to sleep hur...

We had a fun time at dinner too. I was feeding him his pumpkin porridge when I decided that I should eat too - and he decided, too, that he would have my dinner! But I was glad he liked it - it was pasta! I like too! :) He also had some beef and scrambled egg - I kind of like scrambled egg in pasta :p So the pumpkin porridge is now in the fridge for my breakfast tmr..

Oh, and he can feed himself too! Well, kind of.. He hasn't managed to eat much yet :p

And he's now more willing to drink water.. He even put it back on the table himself after drinking yesterday! But he banged it on the table a few times - ya, he likes noise *.*

Sometimes, I like to give him biscuits or Gerber puffs after his dinner, if he is a good boy and eats his dinner. Tonight, I gave him biscuit and he offered me a bite :) But yesterday, he had some puffs and he refused to share! Or rather, he brought it to just in front of my mouth and retracted his arm - with a smile! Once he put the puff into my mouth - I could taste it - but he didn't let go and took it back out and into his mouth!

Anyway, so I've decided that we will give him rice every Tuesday and Thursday since he's eating it quite well starting this week - Monday, he wanted to eat my dinner and he did; Tuesday he had rice for lunch at home, and yesterday he finished a lot of rice, eggs and spinach. Hopefully, we can transit to no porridge soon :)

To think that just last Friday, he refused his porridge and had to go to bed hungry - I decided that he's old enough to be taught a lesson in food, ha! But he slept all the way to morning. Last Saturday, he refused his dinner again and woke around 4 am asking for milk. I patted him back to sleep - and I didn't feel terribly bad :p

Now I hope he stays soundly asleep. He hasn't been sleeping very well the past few nights - we suspect teething as he would cry out and/or throw out his pacifier. His left incisor has cut through. Wondering if more are on their way out already.. Last night and this morning, I had to lie next to him to sayang him when he cried out. Or pop back the pacifier, which is getting difficult when his mouth is pursed cos the teeth are in the way! :p

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  1. Last week, SX refused her dinner for a few days and I let her go hungry too but she didn't seem to care...


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