Wednesday, 13 November 2013

When the son is so cute...

For the first time, I was late in picking ZK up today due to a lapse in judgement - I agreed to leave with my boss who kindly offered to drop me at Farrer Road MRT. We left before 6 pm but her husband was late and there was a jam and I was late. In the end, I dropped opposite Gleneagles to catch a bus home instead. Luckily, Mum and Y were there. ZK was having the last of his porridge by the time I got home.

With this change in routine, something unexpected happened in the lift. A neighbour sharing the lift asked me suddenly, "Not picking up your son today?" I didn't and still don't even remember seeing her before!! But she must have seen me more than once to notice that I pick ZK up every day.

I put it down to ZK's cuteness :)

A few old ladies in our block often say hello to us, especially a nenek who speaks little English and a popo who speaks Cantonese-laced Mandarin. Then there were other neighbours who at one point or another would happen to catch ZK staring at their phone/key/food and smile at him. Of course, he very seldom returns the smile *.* And that's the best part - he usually has his sulky face on and people still say cutesy hellos to this unresponsive chao bin baby!

Now, Sito and I find some other babies very cute as well so we always thought we're being objective when we think ZK is cute. The above just shows that that's true - he's cute not just to us but also to others despite that li-kua-simi face!

But there are downsides to being cute. One is that random people like to touch his face *.* I have to wipe down his face before dinner lest some food rubs off his face and he eats in all the germs! I mean, hey, how do I know your hand wasn't scratching your leg or rubbing or resting on a foot during dinner just now or perhaps you just swiped that oily face of yours?? It's so yucky just thinking about it.

The other downside is that, well, we want to give in to him! But for his sake and ours, we must stand firm when no means no. Sorry, cutie pie. After all, he will grow up and the only people finding him cute may just be us - and perhaps his spouse, if he's anything like Sito haha!

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