Saturday, 16 November 2013

ZK's verbal development

Last night, I went for my office D&D and had Mum help to pick up ZK. Y said he didn't look for me, bah! And on Thursday, he wouldn't even repeat "mama" after me, much less call me!! But when I said Meh Meh, he repeated Meh Meh; when I said Papa, he repeated Papa; when we were going to school that morning, he said Kakak in her direction! Sighs.. Where is "mama"??

Well, apparently, on Wednesday when I wasn't around, ZK called for "mama" :) This boy, he didn't want to spoil me, heh! But he finally did this morning - he went "mama" a few times :) Although he started while looking at Sophie the giraffe *.* But then he turned to me, said "mama" and gave me a big smile! :)

He know Sito is Papa since late October. He even repeated "mama" shortly after that, if he was happy. Last weekend, he kept going "nehneh" when he wanted Meh Meh. So I spoke very slowly and deliberately when he was looking at me - mmMeh mmMeh - and he has been going Meh Meh ever since.

The other day, I said 饼 very slowly and deliberately too. He watched and listened intently, pursed his lips a few times, then broke into a grin and gestured for biscuits as usual. Ah well, it's only a matter of time.. He's understanding a lot now, this boy.. We'd ask him a question and if he disagrees, he would shake his head, violently at times; if he agrees, he just won't move, or he would do as he's told.

My fave is about his shoes. I only need to change or say let's go or ask him to get his 鞋鞋 and he would run over to find his shoes! And when we were at Mum's place, we only have to say 回家家 and he would go for his 鞋鞋! And when he's not wearing his shoes and I mentioned them, he would bring up his feet, sometimes gesturing "no more" or shaking his head :)

And he knows he should sit down to wear his shoes. At home, he'll go for the little yellow chair. At Mum's place, there's a little foot rest that he likes. And while we're putting on his socks, he likes to hold out a shoe or both to us - yes, my dear, after the socks!

I also like to just "relax one corner" and ask him to pick up his toys. I would point to something on the floor and he would look, walk over and pick it up. Then it's off to his toy box - with a big thud cos he tends to throw the toy back *.* And he often leaves a couple of toys lying around cos he couldn't be bothered to listen to Mama who only just sits there, hoho! Well, it's a start :)

The other day, he was being naughty with his water bottle - he sucked up the water and spit it down his shirt. I scolded him. At first he laughed. Then he saw my fierce look and caught the tone of my words, and he started to cry! I found it so funny but I managed to stay fierce and lecture him that he must not do this again. Then I walked away to put down his bottle before returning to him to change him out of his wet clothes. By then, he was no longer bawling, just looking a little sad. So poor thing :(

Now my little boy is in school. These days, even when I'm not working on Saturdays, I'd park him there for a few hours while I go grocery shopping or run errands. Or like now, relax a bit. Going to pick him up soon for a family lunch at home! :) Then we'll take a family nap and go to the library. Today, he'll have an early night for a Saturday cos Papa and Mama are going on a date night - it's Papa's birthday on Monday! :)

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