Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Early Halloween scare

It's Halloween tomorrow but ZK decided to scare me one day earlier.

I was about to change him this morning when I noticed a slightly raised red bump the size of a xiaolongbao on his inner right thigh. As I started to exclaim about it, I undid his diaper and saw something far worse - the tip of his penis was swollen and looking translucent with fluid inside!! And there were raised red strips along the creases of his thigh joints and more red bumps on both butt cheeks.

The lucky thing was that he didn't seem uncomfortable, although he was hitting at his diaper just before that. But he used to do that all the time just a few weeks back so I didn't think much about it.

Y said it looked like some allergy. I was also worried if he were bitten somewhere but Y said the bed looked normal. In any case, I was on his bed most of last night so if it were some insect, I would have got it too.

Come to think of it, he didn't sleep well last night. For the first time in many many weeks, he needed me to hold him to sleep. And when he woke in the middle of the night, he also needed me to hold him before he would sleep. I thought it was his drippy nose but now I wonder if it was the rash starting already...

I was quite worried and googled madly while he was sitting through his DVD flashcard session. Nothing. He was behaving normally so in the end, I just let go and tried to do some work with him on my lap and trying to reach the keyboard, cos he refused to stay away until it was almost time to go to the clinic.

By the time we saw the doctor, it was three hours after the scare, and his penis was looking almost normal although the red strips were still there. The bump on his thigh had spread out into a patch the size of a credit card. There were also other smaller patches on him.

Doc said it was probably some allergy. But I wonder what he could be allergic to. He had nothing new at home. Even the dried scallops that we recently started to use at home were not new to him as Mum had always used it for his porridge. I texted one of his teachers to ask and she said he had his usual lunch.

Anyway, she gave him an oral anti-histamine and a cortisone cream for the rash. We forced the anti-histamine down his throat after a late breakfast at home, changed him and applied the cream while holding down a screaming and squirmy toddler. He was so tired that he fell asleep very quickly once I put him on his bed; he didn't even roll!

I managed to squeeze in more work in his 1.5 hour of nap, washed up and got ready for work - lots of things at work lately cos 生意做大了!He woke just as lunch was ready - what good timing... We didn't make porridge for him but he was interested in my rice, onion eggs and caixin so he had some for lunch. And an hour later, he had more food in school - probably cos he saw other kids eating *.* And another hour later, he still managed to finish a lot of milk before his afternoon nap! Now, that's scary too!

Anyway, I'm glad that the only rashes on him just now were on his legs, torso and butt cheeks. Hope my baby will be all good by tmr morning!

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