Friday, 18 October 2013

Old memories

A number of things trigger some old memories lately...

1) All about ice cream

The other day, when I was bringing ZK home, a car drove by quickly on the other side of the road and splashed some water on this teenage girl who was having an ice cream cone. She looked at the car, looked at her legs, and looked at her ice cream - no big deal.

But that brought up an old memory, where I dropped my dollop of ice cream at the old fountain at Toa Payoh. I barely had a few licks - it was still round and big! And it was the one time I remember having such a big ice cream cone all by myself! I still remember it was corn but looked orange - maybe it was the light.

Of course, it didn't get replaced. I was left with only the cone. Is that why I don't really like the cone of an ice cream cone in my adult years??

Later in my teenage years when Children's Day was no longer a school holiday for us, I developed this habit of having ice cream on Children's Day. I think that started when my secondary school decided to distribute ice cream on Youth Day, even though I think that was not a school holiday for us.

In my fresher year, I had a lot of ice cream - I had a whole pint by myself at almost every movie. Needless to say, I piled on the pounds!

In more recent memories, when Sito was doing his internship in Chicago and I was alone in Evanston all the time, I had a lot of ice cream too. Cheap ice cream. I ate so much it was scary *.* But I guess it wasn't as much as the movie pint cos I didn't gain weight in Evanston. Before being pregnant with ZK, that is.

2) Loving our trains

Then last night, I was reading Remember Singapore after a hiatus - busy la! - and saw a post on the MRT. I thought of my first MRT ride in 1987 when the first stage of the first line - the NS line - was opened.

Memories are blurry now but I know it was a Sunday and we were at Grams' place as usual because I was with my cousins as well. It was a cool day and the kids were happy to be taken out to 坐地铁, whatever that meant.

I don't remember sitting on the seat, not because it was crowded but because I was on my knees looking out of the window and pointing excitedly to things I no longer remember!

We took the train from Braddell (probably, cos that's where Grams' place is) to Yio Chu Kang, for some strange reason - think an uncle lived there but I don't remember going there after the ride!

But we didn't take a lot of the MRT in those early days. We usually went places by bus. I think it was at the end of Primary Six in 1992 when I got my first TransitLink card, even though it was available since 1989. That was for my class trip to Pasir Ris beach, which I almost couldn't go for if CY's mum didn't call Mother to ask her to let me go!

In that same blog post, there's a picture of a projected MRT map for 2030. I wonder if I would be able to enjoy that. I would love to be able to do cross country on the MRT :)

3) Cross country

So I mentioned I'm taking part in the StanChart Ekiden this year...

Actually, I'm not the running sort. I hated cross country events back in school. In secondary school, after one year of doing the darn cross country, I would jump at any chance to do some duty even though it could be so boring and also tiring just standing at one spot the whole time. In JC, I think I only went one year - and SS and I sang and walked the whole way! We were the last ones back :p

So, ya... Wish me luck in December!

4) Kiddy rides and ti kam

These days, ZK has been pointing to this old kiddy ride downstairs every time we pass by. Sometimes, when we come from the opposite direction when the mamak shop is open and stuff are blocking his view of the kiddy ride, he would point to where he thinks it should be and turn to it as we pass by.

I used to love such kiddy rides. At 20 cents a pop, they weren't exactly cheap - 20 or 25 cents could buy a bus ride! I didn't get them a lot but I loved them.

Nowadays, there are lots of fancy rides in the malls. I've seen a large congregation of them outside Giant at Vivocity. So this one downstairs is really quite a relic already - just look at the super beat coin box!

And next to it is a ti kam machine. I loved them too :) I got toys when I was a kid. In my early teens, I spent a lot of my pathetic pocket money on those darn 偶像卡, hoping to land a 金卡 or 闪卡 or whatever you call them. So silly now that I think about it. But well, kids don't know better!

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