Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Extended weekend

A bit late but well, here goes!

Sent him to IFC so that I could sleep in. And he stared intently at the lift display while waiting for the lift.

Came home to play with Papa's water bottle - he had always liked playing with it, bringing it across the room and dropping it somewhere. This time, Papa finished the water and left the cap open for him. He managed to close it! Also kept pointing at his nose and stuck his tongue out once :p

After a nap, he decided to be pensive at the bay window...

We put a shirt on him and left for town - don't they both look beng beng here? :p

Took off the shirt to shave his head - he was getting it done in a car! Big boy didn't need to be held now :)

Pretty Auntie was very nice to him. The vacuum thing was spoilt so she offered to wash him down since it wasn't crowded - what a privilege when our membership has already expired!

I think next time, we should just strip him totally *.*

We put the shirt on and he continued to charmed girls - jiejie looked very busy here but she (and her friend) lifted her head to smile at him.

He wasn't that charming during dinner though... There was rice everywhere!! He's at the stage when he can't feed himself but he's not sitting still to let us feed him either. Specifically, he MUST play with a spoon and a bowl. And if he has already seen a bowl full of food, an empty bowl wouldn't do. Just now during dinner, porridge was everywhere - on his bib, his tray, my pants, the floor and even the top of his head! Lucky this stage coincided with Y's arrival else it would be hell for me every night... But good and bad la. Like Sunday, he wanted the yogurt tub and fed me too :)

Eating bread is less messy. But he's not sitting still too, especially when there's no restrain. We went to Provence cafe for breakfast on Sunday. They do not have baby chairs. But hey, our baby can sit on a chair by himself already! Although he almost fell twice, oops... He kept standing up and turning around to disturb the uncle behind us too... Trying to charm uncles too, baby??

The wassants weren't ready so I ordered a crossant sandwich, hoping he would have some of it. I hoped wrong. He preferred Y's toast so Y kept setting aside bread for him. This is one of his poses that morning. Oh ya, I kept him in his long PJs so that he could run along and get dirty and I could just change him into clean clothes for his morning nap :p

But before he napped, he must play with the clock, the clock that is now quite ready for the bin *.* Speaking of the bin, we have moved it to the kitchen for food waste so there's now this gap between the bedside table and the bay window - he loves such gaps!!

I let him watch his Chinese DVD flashcards at the desk on Sunday morning, with the chair pulled all the way back to lengthen the distance to the screen and to prevent him from reaching for the laptop. Took these on Monday though - so fun to watch him stare so intently at the flashcards!

站?I think I can do that...

Is that a ball? I waaaant!

笑?Like this?

Btw, that was the PJs he dirtied at the IFC gate on Monday!

First time I saw him nap like this at the IFC. I barely took this photo and he lifted his head - scary that he could sense me?!

Playing before his afternoon nap. He hasn't done this for a long time.

Pulled on his pants that he wore back from IFC to go downstairs for a walk, hence this horrid funky look.

Mama, my top and pants DON'T go. Any more clothes in your bag?

No? Fine, I'll just concentrate on my wassant.

Actually, I haven't spent a day with ZK like this for a while. I'd rather not cos it means he's ill! But this time, it was quite relaxing. Guess it's really different when the house is always clean and I can just focus on my baby! :)

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