Wednesday, 9 October 2013

ZK the sponge

ZK seems to be able to understand a lot even though he could not say as many words.

Just now, I asked him to go get his pacifier which he had left on the bench next to the big ball. He turned, stood still for a while, and walked towards the bench. For a moment, I wondered what he would pick up - the ball or the pacifier... The little boy took the pacifier! And promptly stuffed it into his mouth before I whisked his little body into his bedroom :)

This morning, he woke at 5.30 am. I put him down and fell asleep on his bed. Some time later, I was woken up by something heavy dropping on my neck and right shoulder - it was his head! I asked if he didn't want to sleep anymore and he shook his head, and whined enough to make me bring him to the living room. (Door was closed else he would have been long gone!)

But of course, it could have been his default "no". He shakes his head at everything now - when I offer water, when Y tried to bring him down from the stroller yesterday, and even when I offer food. But he would take the food after shaking his head, if said food is some kind of biscuit *.*

Oh ya, so Y has moved in for a week now. So far, so good. I'm happy to return to a clean home. And when I open my cabinets for my clothes, everything is neat and tidy. I get to have dinner at normal time. And I don't have to worry about ZK making a mess at dinner time cos by the time he falls asleep and I come out of his bedroom, what mess? :)

Anyway, back to ZK... He hasn't had the chance to play much with his toys at home in the past week as we were out a lot even during the weekends. But before this week, whenever he left his toys all over the place, I would tell him to put the toys back if he didn't want to play with them anymore, using a mix of words and gestures. Half the time, he picked up the toys and throw put them back into their containers! For those that he didn't pick up, I would but I added that I was only helping and that he would have to do it himself one day.

And since a long time ago, he could say uh-oh, and he could point to a ball and name it. In fact, he calls everything round "ball", like the pumpkin heads on display in Cold Storage *.* For many days now, he would point to big vehicles on the road. A bus! A van! A truck! Yes, my little boy is very boy :p

But he also knows flowers, ok... He asked for milk just now after rolling in bed before he slept - only his second time; first was on Monday - and specifically pointed to his bassinet where he usually has his morning milk. And while he was in his bassinet, I turned on the mobile and pointed out the snail and the FLOWER to him. No la, I didn't emphasise :) But the next thing I knew, he was pointing to the painting of sunflowers above the sofa and then to that of some pink flowers above the dining table! I haven't brought him to the paintings for a while but he obviously remembers :)

He's really a sponge - absorb everything until one day jialat jialat give back haha! But well, it's always a pleasant surprise, like the flower incident :)

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