Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My sayang

ZK loves my Meh Meh! He pointed to my little stash in the cabinet, comprising Zo-san, Meh Meh and ZK's toy from IFC which he didn't like (but I do!) - I didn't give him the first time but subsequently, I lifted him up to let him pull something out and he chose Meh Meh.

This morning, he sayang-ed Meh Meh. Really, he would stroke her head or belly or somewhere gently, like how we sayang him! He even decided to nap with her in his arms. Very sweet :)

Later, he started biting her *.*

And later, he grabbed both Ding Dang and Meh Meh. He was sooo happy! I was sooo happy too to see this cute scene!

Last weekend, he was already sayang-ing DD. I tried to capture that in a video but he wasn't cooperative..

When we went for a stroll in the MRT station - cos it was safe to let him run about and I just practised eye power -, he saw this boy around his age and went up to sayang his head! I've seen him done that to Riley in IFC but I didn't expect he would do that to a stranger.

He would sayang me too, on the cheeks, but usually that quickly becomes rapid slaps *.*

Anyway, he missed his afternoon nap for the first time in ages as we were out quite a bit, and so he went down quite quickly just now - holding on to Meh Meh of course. When I first thought he was asleep, I switched Meh Meh with his bolster. He felt it, rolled away and sat up. He looked around. Sighs.. I put Meh Meh in front of him and he dropped onto her. He eventually fell asleep hugging her tight. I had to pry her away and gently replace it with his bolster.


And I was also afraid that Meh Meh would get drool all over her and smell like, well, his bolster *.*

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