Monday, 21 October 2013


ZK has his first diarrhoea this morning. He's had watery stools before but not consistently watery - and stinky - like this. Sian. But not bad already - managed to last 15 months! Especially the second half of his life up to now when he's been crawling and falling and still eating his fingers..

Oh well, he is still very happy. Full of shit and still quite happy to wallow in it! This morning, he woke with a dirty diaper. Then, barely two hours later, he made a face while I was opening the gate to the centre. Then, nonchalance. When I pushed him inside and tried to pick him up from the stroller, I saw poop almost coming out of the front!! Best, only the kindy teacher was there and the IFC teacher has not arrived!! Thankfully, she arrived right behind me and took ZK over to change and shower, with him bawling the whole time. Yup, I've said he likes it poopy..

I was called back from office before 10 am - he had watery stools again. So we went to the PD whom we were supposed to see tmr for a vaccination, which is now obviously postponed. When I got the medicine, I couldn't help but feel it was a wasted trip - powder to be dissolved in water. I might as well just give him water cos he's not going to take the solution lor!

And I was right - he opened his mouth when I said "vitamins!" but everything came out when he realised that he had been tricked. And I couldn't even mix a drip into a mouthful of porridge! Sharp tongue, this one... He would have none of the soy formula samples from the clinic as well - cow formula would apparently make diarrhoea worse. So he had a wassant for his 4 pm feed. Then I remembered that wassant contained cream, i.e. from the moo moo. Ah well!

But his last poop was before his afternoon nap and it was no longer like in the morning. I'm hoping he will be good enough for school tomorrow.

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  1. SX has had diarrhea a few times already, so I know how this feels. Remember no fruits too! And lots of water!


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