Thursday, 17 October 2013

ZK is 15 months!

Old enough to finally made the first move? :)

Went to CW's place two weeks ago for lunch. V-jiejie was asleep while ZK ransacked her stash. Then they met - the first time in many months. Yes, the last time they met, they were barely standing!

He even upgraded from picture books to 唐诗 *proud Mama*

And last Saturday, we went to Kel's new place for the first time - it's so far in Simei!! ZK dozed off on the way there...

.. but promptly woke just before reaching Kel's place! He was at first shy, then he started his usual - remote control, power plugs, and he found an umbrella smaller than the one at home..

There wasn't much interaction with the other three kids around, speaking of which, our KLK gathering is fast becoming has become a playdate!

I managed to carry Moh's two-month-old boy for a while - soft little baby! - before ZK discovered my betrayal and started whining. I still love you the most, my baby :)

Also met SY and her Nat, who still didn't like us too much *.* And heavily pregnant WX! Welcome to the club :) Not to forget our last bachelor Kok whom we think may not be a bachelor in the very foreseeable future :p

We celebrated Kel's birthday one week in advance. D managed to sneak a cake home without him knowing! When was the last time we celebrated one of our birthdays?! Really, we're getting old.. We would next be celebrating our kids' birthdays, ONLY.

Kok gave us a lift to Telok Blangah and ZK fell asleep on the way...

Not for long!

Met Mother et al for dim sum at Red Star the next day to celebrate her 66th birthday! ZK refused to let her carry at first but he got distracted by the candle :p

Didn't I see something similar yesterday?

Source: MZ or YQ

Source: MZ

On the way to Chinatown MRT station, we stopped at this playground where ZK had lots of fun!

So handsome :) (But Mama is making a funny face behind. Oh wait, that's just me talking *.*)

Source: MZ or YQ

Happy face!

Source: MZ or YQ

Another happy face! I like!

Source: MZ or YQ

And the happiest of them all...

Source: MZ or YQ

Now, the LI KUA SI MI face...

I'm only having my wassant. M.I.N.E

Tuesday was Hari Raya Haji. We had dim sum (again!) at Wah Lok where ZK again finished a whole bowl of porridge by himself :) Then we took a little excursion to JEM and let him loose.

I want that..

And that..

(He didn't poke at glass all the time; once, he walked right into it cos there was no display behind!!)

Fine, I'll have this! Papa, please pay!

Also let him drive..

ZK seems to love food but these days he has been quite picky and eats according to his mood.. Nonetheless, he's still very cute at the dining table. And I love to see him from this angle:

This angle too :p

He just had a poop when I got there so he had to be washed. Hope he doesn't mind me baring his little ass online ^.^ Or he can claim it's not him since it's a back-facing shot :p

End with a scary shot of Mama! :p That was me looking down at my phone just as he fell asleep - took this picture on my phone at that point.

We really like the camera - nowadays, I can look at him anytime I want without going in to disturb him. And when he whines, I can take a peek - if he is sitting up or starting to crawl off or he's not there (meaning he's at the door!), I'll pop over. Oh, and we've added a stand so that we can see more of the bed - and him when he's at the far side. Going to see him now :)

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