Thursday, 8 September 2016

Big fat monkey?

Today, 33w6d, I weighed in at 75.1 kg - that's lower than two weeks ago! The Macs must have been the cause last time! Now I'm cautiously optimistic that I might still keep under 80 kg...

Monkey, on the other hand, had grown 400g to 2577g. At the rate he's going, i.e. 400 g per two weeks, I'm looking at a 3.7 kg baby at 40 weeks! I like him big - easier to care for in the early days. But gosh, I need to eat more to have the strength to push him out :p

Dr Wong was spreading out the gel on my belly when he commented that I had no stretch marks despite all these pregnancies. I said I was fat before - really, I looked like five months pregnant with the second child at one point in Oxford! - but he said fat people get stretch marks too. I must be lucky. I only used a proper stretch mark oil for ZK. I don't think I applied any for ZY. I applied some on-off now coz it can get itchy with the stretching skin..

Was told that we would go through the birth plan at the next visit. This would be the first time for me talking about birth plan coz last time Dr Chan would just do it his way... I like that this doc is more structured and consultative.. I'd better go prepare questions etc... Will also do a swab to check for Strep B - please don't let me have it again...

Doc and nurse said he looks like mama :)

So monkey is still down - stay there, please - but facing left instead of right. I should have known, with all those movements on my left... This time, he looked asleep with his arms near his face but he was still moving his bum and legs!!

I've been scheduling my appointments with Pilates classes. So I went for Pilates after seeing the doc today. I could hardly stay in a sitting position coz monkey kept going at the spot just above my left hip! It was painful at times. But I told myself that in just six more weeks, or less, I won't ever feel such internal movements again! Treasure this feeling.. It means a life is growing inside :)

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