Saturday, 24 September 2016

Kiddy updates

ZK did something quite out of character today - he saw his friend C from the car and when we stopped, he quickly got out, ran to greet her. I've never seen him so enthusiastic to see a friend before, not even H! C graduated a couple of months back from K2 and is in elementary school now. She came along with her younger brother who is in ZK's class. Maybe he's into older girls hoho!

Anyway, plenty of cute shots for September...

All geared up for H's birthday party!

My happy boys :)

ZK having baked cheesy pasta! I'm making it one of these days..

The 4yos were very excited over the big Frozen cake, Frozen with a big F of course...

Did a home activity with ZY - flowers to hand back to the school for the President's Challenge

Two Sundays ago, I brought ZK out after his Sunday nap to buy shoes but ended up with only slippers. And juice :)

I cannot understand this letting the train run thing...

ZY holding the brush properly!

ZK could hold a pen very well at two years old, probably coz he held his spoon very well quite early. ZY, on the other hand, is just grabbing his spoon. But style aside, ZK doesn't like to feed him or write, while ZY would feed himself and loves to write and paint!

Making cut-out food from playdough

And of course ZK gets the rolling pin and press machine...

I'm taller than you!

I carry Mama's leg!

School updated FB late - ZY's National Day snack :)

ZY's breakfast - should have been mine...

ZK making mooncakes in school - but he didn't eat it when he brought it home

ZY also made but never ate *.*

Mama, I poopoo and weewee in the potty! (So big!)

I haven't bring (sic) my dinosaur baby to school for a long time...

It wasn't that long ago, my ZK baby... Bought a clock and tried teaching him time but he wasn't interested. ZY was more interested, hmmm... But ZK has been learning addition in school. Shall see if I can help a bit later today...

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