Monday, 26 September 2016

Last major date night for a while...

Sito and I had a nice dinner at Morton's on Friday. We had wanted to try Cut but the only available timing was too late for us. Anyway, Morton's is always good :) After that, we had some ice cream in bed - too full for the chocolate lava cake at Morton's earlier!

It was a good date night for us. At 36 weeks, with me growing bigger and my pubic bone throbbing on and off, it's just difficult for us to go far. So this was our last date night that needed travelling. From next week, we'll do local. Luck for us, there are plenty of options downstairs.

And then, it would be no date night for quite a while...

I like our date nights. It's a time for ourselves, like dating days. Sure, the kids are home and sometimes I'll have a moment of panic of leaving them alone with the helper. But thankfully, I'm just being paranoid.

So Friday, besides the kids, we talked about compartmentalising our work and life, job and money issues etc.

We are people who keep bringing work home. His new role in the same company has seen him taking night calls almost every week night. It's bad enough that we're working at home almost every night. There's really no need for work to creep into our life, our conversations, affecting our mood at home. So I asked him to compartmentalise his work and life earlier this week. But Friday, I realised that this advice would apply to me as well.

Our situations are somewhat different - he tends to get frustrated at the job, at its progress, at some co-workers; I tend to get frustrated at the sheer amount of work and I find it hard to not think about work waiting for me to finish... So while he needs to stop talking about his work when he's not working, I need to stop thinking about my work when I'm not working.

We also wondered at our financial stability, especially if he were to lose his job. He wondered if he was needlessly worried. Perhaps coz I never seemed worried? :p But ya, I'm not so worried. My laogong has enough credentials while I have a steady job that - last I heard - still wants me. I also wondered, cannot be that all the private sector people are all hung up about job security right? That's a lot of people *.*

As we walked back from the carpark, Sito asked if we should get a car after moving to Bukit Panjang. Nope, child care is hopefully just downstairs - I've signed up at ECDA website! - and if we really need to ferry the kids for primary school, it might be cheaper to hire a cab regularly and/or sign up for car-share for the odd trip to less accessible places. I'm also ready to go part-time if need be to give myself some flexibility, although that this kind of part-time sure lugi one - part-time pay for full-time work, tmd! Perhaps flexi-time la, since I'm already working from home a lot...

Anyway, we didn't take pictures that day. Morton's is always too dark for nice pictures. But I found a picture from early September when we went to Ajisen at Junction 8. We used to go to Ajisen at Takashimaya on our Tuesday date nights before we got married! Since then, there have been so many new and better ramen places that we seldom go to Ajisen. Also, the kids didn't seem to like Ajisen much. So it was very nostalgic for us :)

Like we were in our 20s again :)

We have planned for the next two date nights - xiao long bao and Indian food! After that, well, we shall see if there's a chance for another date night before monkey comes out...

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