Sunday, 18 September 2016

Of tears, sore muscles and so much joy

So tired now I'm just vegetating in bed. It's 8.26 pm.

It was a usual Sunday. But ZY puked after his bedtime milk. And what a spectacular puke - milk and blueberry covered half the floor and splashed onto ZK's bed as well! Lucky for us, N was working today. So while she cleaned up the room, I cleaned up the boy in the shower - all that squatting and holding on to a moving boy was rough for me.

ZY ended up playing Sito's Devastator with ZK for a while after that as we waited for the room to be ready. Just glad that ZY wasn't showing signs of illness. Hope no repeat tonight or ever again!

Sito brought out the robots upon ZK's request yesterday

I can't remember very well but I think this might be the first time he puked randomly; the very first time he puked was probably that time after he fell off the bed at about 15 months. ZK also puked randomly like this around this age or younger, but in the middle of the night and in a much less spectacular way, though there was one night when he puked until we ran out of bedsheets and just plonked him over a clean baby mat!

Anyway so I also ended up putting ZY to bed tonight. He asked for N after showering. But after the vomit, I was pleasantly surprised that he let me send him in, read a bit, sing a bit. We even came back out to make some milk. He saw N but still let me bring him in. It was so nice :)

And what a far cry from just yesterday, when we had a sad evening. He refused to stop watching video after showering so Sito took it away and had me send him to bed instead of N. Actually we both think N gives in to him too much, even rocking him to sleep, massaging him on demand or without being asked. ZY was struggling against this decision. He came out after N and Sito carried him back in. When ZY opened the door to find N, he found Sito standing at the door. Then he could only stand in the room near his bed and cried to me about wanting N.

Needless to say,  I started to cry too. He looked at me through his tears, as though he was wondering why I was crying. I told him between sobs that I love him a lot and was sad that he didn't want me. We both cried for a while until he said he wanted to sleep. Even as he got in bed with his milk, he was sobbing a little and asking for N. But he was calmer after the milk and some singing. He didn't sleep straight away but asked where ZK and N were. Then he fell asleep.

I hope tonight meant that he was starting to allow me to send him to bed again. It was tough for me to get up from the floor after he slept, what with my sore pelvic area and near-constant foetal movements in the evenings, but I think I'll try to send him to bed whenever I can from now. He should have a parent do this for him too, like his brother, who asked for both of us to sit with him for a short while every evening. Love my boys so much!

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