Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My cute little ZY

I realised I don't really write exclusively on ZY... Well, when there are more kids...

So I just found a note in my phone that says:
  • ZY kissed me on 26 Sep 2015 (yes 2015!); and I also found an upper tooth that week
  • ZY could say his name on 4 Oct 2015, "two", "elephant" and "star"
  • ZY tried the potty for the first time on 30 Oct 2015
  • ZY said "nice" and "share" on 6 Dec 2015
  • ZY said "where papa?" on 9 Jan 2015
I can't help but feel a little guilty that I haven't been tracking his growth as much as I did for ZK.

And he's so cute!!!

And cheeky!

We started some form of potty training lately as I mentioned (I think) and this evening, he decided to go to the potty. N didn't give him a diaper after that since he just peed and would shower soon. But he started saying "my wee wee painful!" Think those particular pants weren't too comfortable so he took them off - oh yes, he can put on and take off his pants now!

I dug out a pair of underwear that ZK had outgrown. Um, both boys and the underwear is still quite new, not gross at all :p When ZY saw that, he went "waterplay!" just like he did when we first introduced the pull-up diapers. Well, he wore the underwear and found it more comfortable. Underwear-donning boy continued his dinner.... Think I'll start him on underwear proper over the next long weekend.

He doesn't seem to have his full set of milk teeth yet but he's already brushing his teeth on his own. We just let him play around with the toothbrush and a controlled amount of kiddy toothpaste. Think the school will start them brushing some time next year...

Like ZK, he loves watching video, sighs... Sometimes, he wants to see YY - that means photos and videos on my phone :) It's quite cute to see him do that - he'll call out each person and keep rewatching the videos.

And speaking of calling us, he sometimes call ZK by his name instead of GeGe! We're trying to tell him that ZK is the DaGeGe and he's the XiaoGeGe once monkey arrives :)

Like his brother, ZY likes to be big and strong :p

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