Friday, 4 August 2017

A little break

After many weeks of working late into the night and Yu's recent illness, I was so tired that I wasn't focusing my eyesight - unless I was reading, I usually saw things in a blur coz even keeping my eyes open was taking effort. And this happened:

mf: I'm not feeling too good. Think I'm ill...
Kai: You need to rest... Go sleep!
mf: But Yu always wakes up at night.. Maybe you could help me..? *what was I thinking?!* No, you should sleep too..
Kai: But when Yu wakes, he wants your nai nai *hand on my chest* I cannot help...

The next day...
Kai: How do you feel today?

I was wondering if I might be ill enough to take MC today but nope. Then last night, I saw an email that a key meeting next week was postponed so I decided to take leave today since there would be time to work on my item next week. I happened to have an action learning group discussion thing today that I didn't really want to miss so I took half day.

And it was good!

I wanted to leave at noon to pump but I thought I would stay until another colleague got there just to say hi but the pizza also arrived so they asked me to stay. I ended up having a rather nice chat with them before coming home to pump.

I didn't quite plan what I wanted to do but starting with a massage sounded tempting so that was what I did. Went to Natureland downstairs and was lucky to get a slot on the spot! The room is small and dark but sufficient. There's a sign in broken English that basically says they're a proper spa :p The paper underwear was actually comfortable! It might even be more comfortable than the 15yo underwear that I wore today, haha!

Got a PRC lady who wasn't smiling but who had a friendly and soothing voice when she spoke, which wasn't a lot, which was what I wanted. And she was strong. The hour was focused on my head, back and legs. The head included the ears - very interesting! And painful coz she was strong, but not unbearable. In fact, I like it; I thought it helped my shoulders.

The style is more TCM than Swedish so even my bones were hurting and making noise. Plus, she was so strong. Ya, I know I said it already but she was really strong and she was small! She said it might hurt for a couple more days and yes, I'm feeling my back as I type. Before I forget, her name is Sydney.

My next stop was to refuel at Each A Cup :p I hadn't decided where next but I vaguely knew that it was probably Vivocity rather than Jurong or Bishan. Anyway, it was easy - just sat in the train until it wouldn't go anymore!

I was torn between Daiso and Giant... In the end I checked out swimwear at Giant first. All black, bleah. Bought underwear for Kai instead; his bum is growing...! Then it was Daiso. After getting what I wanted, I just wandered the aisles randomly. It felt soooo good! All the little treasures. All the ideas. I can't wait to move house! Also popped into a few stores here and there, like Uniqlo but nothing caught my fancy. Bought some food stuff from Giant and the food hall, and came home to pump before going to get some bread for the older boys' morning tea tomorrow.

I realise it was some time since I spent time on myself like this. No fixed plans. Just walk and see things. When it was time to fetch the kids this evening, I felt that I could handle it! Need more of such breaks :)

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