Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Happy National Day and 10 months to Yu!

This National Day, we stayed in to watch the Parade with a simple dinner. I used to do that growing up - for some years, Mother cooked yummy fried rice and made teh to go with it :) It was fun watching the planes on TV and then hear and see one from our window. Kai even tried to sing the Anthem! Not sure how much the boys took in though but it was a start. I know Kai was looking out for Chan Mali Chan but we didn't hear it before we went in to settle for the evening.

Mum got them matching outfits which they wore to school yesterday. Today, Kai and Yang wore their Merlion shirts while the rest of us just wore red, and we were not the only family doing that :)

Raffles, Farquhar and Crawfurd?! Hoho!

Posing at the Botanic Gardens MRT station while transiting to Downtown Line

We went to Hillion for lunch and to check out the construction. It looks almost ready! We cannot wait for TOP! But Kai said the child care centre looked ugly, hoho! I just hope they get a place there!

And today, Yu also turns 10 months :) And he also fell off the bed for the third time in as many months :( This time, I dozed off and found him on Sito's side, lying on his side and crying :(

He started scratching his head a lot in the past couple of weeks. Dr Google has no definite answer. But it is likely due to tiredness. Tonight, he slept through his brothers' transit into the room. Hope he continues to improve... Sleep aside, more on him in pictures!

I love how he held on to the bay window and tried to stoop down to reach for toys. Most times, he ended up kneeling. I don't remember his brothers doing that!

He can get up and down very easily now

And he crawls super well

Practising his fine motor skills on Gerber puffs - when his brothers hadn't got to them first!

Very much more interactive - he laughed whenever I pretended to eat his food

And when I sang, he clapped! So sweet, haha! He can do a lot with his hands. I taught him to wave a big hi and wave bye. Today, when Dad said bye to him, he paused and raised his hand to wave bye - I was so happy!

We think he entered a new stage during his nebulisation weekend - he's no longer content with staying in the carrier; he must be walked around! And today, I found that he seemed to prefer being carried free hand - that sucks, hoho!

He is really good at calling me :) Sometimes he says nai nai too - not the person but the milk! Am thinking of introducing him to formula soon coz I'm running low on my freezer stash and I'm paranoid that he wouldn't take formula! This is one picky boy - he has two teeth now but eats very little. Hope he can eat/drink more soon. Stay chubby!

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