Thursday, 24 August 2017

Yu's food adventures

Yu has gone on a little food adventure... I think it was National Day when he had lots of blueberry bits - I sneakily took some from Yang's fruit bowl for Yu :p And he loved it! So now he's having blueberries after dinner every day.

But one evening, I took a bit of dragon fruit from one of their fruit bowls for Yu, and I had a huge pink mess of a zombie baby to deal with! Luckily, the pink stain washes off easily.

"Mama, I just ate some brains..."

Yu also went to the coffee shop for the first time, and had to use a big spoon to eat his dinner coz this mama didn't bring a little spoon :p

Still contented!

I started giving him porridge for dinner on a daily basis two weeks ago. We started with just a little bit of broccoli porridge, with the occasional fish if his brothers were having fish. No stock coz he seemed to like it bland. And we struck gold. We had two weeks of broccoli porridge. Last Saturday, we added carrot and he took it. So this week, it's been broccoli and carrot porridge with the occasional fish. Gotta think of something else next week!

"But my fave is baby biscuit!"

"See, I'm so happy eating it!"

I love it that he's eating more solids now. He's still drinking milk though sometimes in school, he had less than usual coz of both timing and lots of bland porridge. Even so, I'm running low on my frozen stash - this morning, I found four bags in the freezer :( I brought formula to school yesterday but they didn't give him coz there was a lot of frozen milk. Today, they gave him a bottle in the morning and he took it.

Sighs, I was hoping I could last until he turns one! But pumping is such a chore and I was so busy that I couldn't pump long. In fact, I didn't pump for two evenings this month! So my supply is dropping steadily... I think I'll gradually reduce pumping. Last Saturday, I even used the Haakaa instead of the dual pump already. This is one slippery slope... But I'll continue to latch..

Here's us - may we continue on this breastfeeding journey for a little while more!

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