Monday, 7 August 2017

Three boys sleeping in their room

Took a picture of the kids' room on Saturday coz I was thinking of letting Yu sleep in there again. But it was a short Saturday morning coz we went to ICA to collect their passports, and N was going to Batam that evening so I forgot about it.

Also a last shot of the playmat

Yes, the good old playmat is pretty much dead. The button holding the roof together broke free of one of the arches a few weeks ago. N stitched it back but it came off again. And over the weekend, I found that one of the hooks for the toys was broken, leaving a sharp edge, but the hook itself could not be removed from the arch. Took it out of the kids' room just now, in case Yu decided to put his mouth to it!

So just now, instead of nursing Yu in my bed, I went to his bed. He looked a little lost, like, why are we here? But it was a good day - he woke at 3 pm so was tired by dinner time. I nursed him and he dozed off. I was surprised that I was able to put him down on the bed with just one try. And then I got to spend some time with his brothers!

Watched them play in my room

First, I showed them the camera footage and explained to them that if Yu cried, I would go over while they stayed here to play, and that when we went over later, they had to be quiet. Then I watched them play a while.

And then I got greedy and decided to shower - save some time! :p But this Yang refused to let me go! After many no's, he finally let me shower but with him watching *.* Halfway through, he slammed the door and left, argh...

We had lots of fun today. First, we read the latest popular book from Chengzhu, of a goat and a sheep crossing a river. Then we re-enacted the scene at the foot of the bed, which makes a nice passageway acting like a bridge.

And then it was time for massage. I had to go get the little stingray toy from the other room. Instead of letting them draw or find the stingray, I turned my back to them and threw it back. Yang got it! So massage massage massage... And there was a fair bit of horsing around before I settled them in bed to watch an old video of Yang. They loved it! Kai thought Yang was so cute while Yang thought he looked like Yu - I told him it was coz they're brothers :)

After a few more videos of themselves, we cuddled in bed for a while, playing round and round the garden. And just as we hid under the duvet, somehow Yang looked out and saw Papa! I didn't even hear the door open!

By then it was time for bed so we went over. To keep them quiet, especially Yang, I decided to stay with them until Yang slept. But Yu woke and cried for mama so I nursed him. Yang fell asleep during that short time. After settling Yu, I chatted with Kai a little before leaving.

But before I could open up my laptop, Yu woke again! Managed to settle him quickly and I've been here since. Sito just said that he couldn't remember the last time we had our laptops in bed, with the light on. And neither could I! I wonder how long this would last - not in matters of days but hours haha! Will probably bring Yu back if I can't settle him easily later. But to have our room back while we're awake is really great :)

Just checked the camera and look! Haha!

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