Thursday, 17 August 2017

Because they are cute

Is it me or do parents get cutified by their kids?

Sunday evening, I couldn't help just lying there to stare at Kai as he watched YouTube. Such a perfect oval face. Such lovely 白里透红 skin. Such round though small cheeks. Such delicate eyebrows for a boy.


And Yang too. Such a perfect round face with chubby cheeks. Such a cute pouty mouth. One morning, very early morning, I came in after settling Yu to stare at my sleeping boy, hands behind his head and breathing ever so gently.

See again?

Even Yu on one of the most difficult nights could snatch my heart away. He was refusing to sleep at 2 or 3 am, and I was so frustrated and needed to pee so much that I dumped him on Sito. On my way in, the boy put his little head on my shoulder and rub his face into me, as if to tell me that he was tired but needed just that little more sayang-ing...

Cannot stop staring at this boy

And of course the moment they turn rogue, they aren't cute anymore!

Or maybe they still are...

Kids 1 vs. Mama 0.

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