Sunday, 6 August 2017

First babies

I told Kai about our first baby just now.

Kai was saying that he didn't like Yang coz he was a "dumb dumb" and he liked Yu coz he was so cute, cuter than Yang. And he wanted to wake at night to quietly carry Yang outside!

Fast forward a little. Yang was outside with Sito while I was in bed with Kai. Told him he's special as my first baby. And somehow he asked something like, "am I your first baby?" Well, since he asked... I said there was a baby before him but baby didn't have a heartbeat. He asked where baby was. I said heaven. He didn't understand of course. I had to explain that baby had died and so went to heaven.

"Did he walk there?" He asked, using his fingers to climb up imaginary stairs. So cute :)

I told him I didn't even know whether it was a he or a she, baby being so tiny. And we launched into a lengthy comparison of sizes, baby to thumb, baby to little toe...

He also asked whether he was the first baby then. Yes, he's the first baby I held :)

Towards the end, I said that I was very sad when baby was no more and that all my babies were precious. After a little pause, he said something like, "Ok, since you say that, I won't carry Yang out."

I don't think he totally got it but the last line was enough :)

Reposting this photo for the look they exchanged

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