Monday, 29 January 2018

Down down down down down!

Yu had a slight fever a couple of weeks back, and was home for half a day. That weekend, Sito was down. Last week, Yang stayed at home Monday to Wednesday. I brought him to the doctor coz his cough sounded like croup! But the doctor told me croup did not recur. Ok, so I monitored lor..

I left Yang to his nap and went for a meeting

Checking in on my baby over the camera!

So cute!! He was alright until evening time when he suddenly got a high fever past 38.5! This happened on Tuesday again - fever only in the evening. And his barking cough did not go away though his voice did not turn cute. Decided to keep him home on Wednesday coz it would be tough for me to go to BP to get him home if he were to develop a fever in school!

Random photos happened when it was just Kai and me on the way to school! Don't we look alike? :)

I started having body aches on Wednesday night and lost my voice a little on Thursday, I was looking forward to Friday which was Yu's centre closure day - I wanted to bring him out for lunch and go shopping. But I spent most of Friday in bed. Then I had to leave earlier to settle a water issue at BP. Felt so bad I didn't get to spend time with my baby...

But Saturday was worst - a mild fever hit on top of my body aches, cough and running nose, and I could hardly get out of bed! In fact, I only got up to eat and go toilet. It was that bad. I don't think I was ever that ill! July 2010 and February 2013, I was hit hard but not like this.

Saturday night, more like Sunday, I woke at 3 am to a horrible back ache. I couldn't lie down anymore and had to sit on the floor, entertaining myself for some 40 mn by watching Yu sleep. This boy must be a key contributing factor to my back ache coz I was forced to the edge! But the damage was done. Now I keep feeling a sharp pain in my back when I move suddenly.

By Sunday, the body ache abated a bit but other symptoms remained. I managed to get out of bed so I went to the doctor who told me it was a common cold. Seriously, colds also have different degrees lor... Sito took the older boys to Chengzhu while I stayed at home with Yu and N who happened to be going out later that day. Eventually I brought Yu to Mum's place but returned for his nap aka Sito's daddy hack.

The hack works like this - lie down, sleep, let baby do whatever he wants!

That worked! Haha! Yu eventually slept. The problem was he did a poop before he napped so the room stank!!!

Anyway, I'm still not feeling well today. Been feeling like puking since yesterday. Making me non-functional! No more MC - better be well enough tomorrow!!

Or, I might need to take child MC coz Kai went to bed with a mild fever... The school called me towards the end of the day with reports of tummy ache and fever. Kai puked out his lunch when we stepped out of the lift at his school building. And like the caterpillar who ate a green leaf, he felt much better!!

My boy had indigestion *.* Of course, coz he had four slices of bread at home in the morning!! Gotta watch his intake. And Yang who OD-ed on watermelon and puked out red stuff!!

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