Thursday, 18 January 2018

Kai and Yu made their first calls

Tuesday, I was starting to walk to Yu's school from the MRT station when Mum called. I picked it up only to find that it was not Mum; it was my son!

Of course Mum had intended for him to locate me so that we could go pick Yu. But my dear Kai didn't relay my replies very much or well. When he finally did, he didn't want to put down the phone. He was rather taken with the drawstring of his hoodie coming off that day and kept asking me if that was ok!

It was so cute :) I thought he sounded a little different on the phone. And I could hear Yang in the background too!

And Monday, Yu woke early and started playing with my phone. I didn't really take note but I saw Sito look at his phone in the dark. Turned out that Yu had called him from my emergency call page! I only learnt about this from Sito when I got to work. Had a good laugh over it. What if he had dialled 999?!

All three of them have sent WhatApp voice messages before, Yu's first being this evening when I asked him to say "papa" to Sito who's on the plane home now. Perhaps I should let Yang have a go at the phone one day too!

"I trumped my brothers by making my first call at 15 months!!"

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