Monday, 8 January 2018

The birthday with the accident

I woke on my birthday to find a little person standing next to my bed. That was 2.35 am. I drifted in and out of sleep. At 3.20 am, I found him in the midst of an hour-long nursing marathon! I think he finally slept at 4.30 am or so.

I woke proper at close to 7 am, upon hearing Kai saying something like, there's something rolling on Yang's bed! Freaked out, I came out to find that it was a fruit fly on his PLATE. Coz of the bananas on the table. But it was nice to find out that Yu was still asleep - he had not slept past 7 am since months ago!

Kai refused to wish me happy birthday. But he gave me happy face and cheeky smiles. When I asked Yang, he gave me a fierce face and said, "Again?!" But he sang me the song using random sound words.

"Again" coz we did this yesterday

But this was the first do - last Wednesday in a surprise move by my team at work

And of course before that, I had my first surprise in the form of Mr Dyson, which more than one had mistaken to be a hoover after I posted it on Facebook!

But I digress... Back to today..

Coz I was on leave, I decided to take Mum's turn to send them to school. It was raining so I drove. Then I did a pit stop at our new place to check things out. It was still raining hard when I left the place. I was so scared I would bump into cars in front so I just rolled along slowly - on leave, the malls were still sleeping, plenty of time. Then I got bumped by a lorry.


It was just before the turn up Jalan Anak Bukit. My trip in the evening confirmed that it was in front of the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. The car in front was a naughty fellow - I saw it from way back, leaving the queue into PIE and then blinking left the whole time trying to cut the queue in front! So I just rolled slowly. I didn't want to change to the right lane - fewer changes, lower chance of accident, right? No!

As expected, that car took some time to get back into the queue. He was only halfway into the lane when I got near so I slowed down. There were very few cars on that stretch; there was only this car in front of me and no one came whizzing by my right. Then it happened. A slight jerk followed by the terrible sound of glass shattering.

Cannot forget this spot, ever!

I could see that the whole back window was gone. Glass continued to fall off as I stared. Thank goodness the kids weren't there already!

I veered right to the kerb and exchanged IC and phone number with the lorry driver. But I forgot to take down his plate number *.* I drove back to Holland, parked there and called Mum and Dad and insurance. Also got the plate number from lorry and spoke with him again to confirm we would each report to insurance. No police report required when there are no injuries.

So here I am, waiting for Mum to go together to a workshop authorised by the insurer.

Will I ever get my shopping done?? I'll update later...

Update 2.10 pm

It was a fuss free process. Some paper work, then we went for lunch across the road. Queued a long time for fish soup and it was worth it! Mum also got some chives kueh from the same coffeeshop.

Quite a spread!

Then we went back to get the replacement car. Mum sent me back and went on her way to run errands. I'm just hanging around relaxing. I gave up thoughts of shopping now. I just want a relaxing afternoon, with massage and coffee and cake. Then I'll pick my boys up and be on my way for my 39th year!

Update 9.34 pm

So I had a foot massage. I zoned out and had my social media fix. Then I shopped at Watsons :p Bought myself a new blusher since my current one is running out. And then it's cake time!

To 压惊

I took the train to fetch the kids today though we have the replacement car. If I'm unlucky today, I'm not risking it! I arrived early and walked around Hillion Mall. Got slippers for the boys! :)

On the way back, I weaselled a happy birthday out of Kai :p Still failed with Yang. And I told the boys I had an accident.

Kai: You're kidding, right?!

I wish, my dear... It started raining again on our way back via taxi. The boys pulled on their jackets which they wore during nap time for the first time today.

And Yang's hair flattened down! :p

All in, this was quite a pleasant birthday. I didn't rush anywhere. I didn't fill it up with too many things, though it wasn't by choice. I just relaxed. But I do need to go buy some stuff. Have to find a day...

Update 13 Jan

So consumed by the accident that I forgot about our little celebration last Saturday!

We had ribs :)

But no cake coz too full!

And yesterday marked the last celebration for this year. My colleagues brought me out for pho - perfect for the recent cold spell! I quite like this new thing among the heads to go out for lunch to celebrate birthdays, thanks to a new SDD who organises these. The rest of us are antisocial, ha!

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