Saturday, 13 January 2018

Finally, updates on my boys

The past few months have been so full of activities - and work! - that I have not been updating on the boys' dailies!

We had quite a few runs to various clinics in December. Dentist, ENT, vaccination.

Kai had his second scaling and polishing done!

So relaxed, watching movie and putting up legs..

Yang had his first polishing done too!

Mountain of yummies while waiting for his turn to see the ENT doc!

He loves the sandwich too

Kai goofing around in the room - the ENT doc really indulged him!

Roaming the clinic during the wait to be vaccinated

Found a toy some kid left lying in the wrong place

Yu was really good at this!

As the youngest, Yu changed the most in the past few months. The last trip in 2017 to our regular bingsu place, he was totting around rather unsteadily. The first trip on Sunday, he was walking around like he had been walking forever!

I'm so guilty of letting him fall off the bed that I am always relieved to see him develop well! Call me paranoid *.* But last month when Sito was away, he fell off the bed two consecutive nights - I was too dazed on 18 Dec and let him roll off my arm, though I broke the fall a little, and I was careless the next night and let him fall off Sito's side. He cried more the second time :( The third night, he somehow bumped his head in his room. At least it was only from his sitting height.

Yu has a knack of playing on his own

He pulled this big toy off the bench to play all on his own

Yu can wave hi! And he waved to a cute little girl at the next table :p

Make him practise :p

Two nights ago, I asked Yu whether he wanted his pacifier when he woke in my bed* and refused to go back to sleep. He was sitting up and he nodded! I was so surprised! This afternoon, I asked him whether he wanted something. He was standing this time and when he nodded, I could see his whole upper body nodding! It was so cute! I don't remember when his brothers started nodding though.

* I often woke to find him in my bed. But Sito did not put him there. I did not remember putting him there!

Another cute thing he does these days is to turn his palm upwards when I ask where :p The same action could be use for "no more" with a mere rotation of the hand. The best part? His expressionless expression when he does it!

Yu has also learned how to roar, thanks to Kai for roaring at everything and everyone!

My fearsome fearless baby can get on and off the rocking horse all by himself

His brothers are not to be outdone too much.

Yesterday, Kai read a book out loud with very little help - I'm so proud of him! I think he might have remember part of the book but it was a loooong time since we read this. So proud of him :)

Posing happily coz I said I would tell Papa

Today, he slipped on a wet floor coz it was just mopped, and the Lego house he had with him came undone. He cried bitterly but later managed to fix everything back with the help of the manual. I taught him about improvising when he couldn't find the original piece for one part. He even improved on the house - one side was empty by design but he filled it up with his own bricks, coz "why no wall??" So proud of him :)

I just realised today that Yang had stopped coming into our bed in the middle of the night. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad =/ He would still crawl in when he wakes in the morning - he likes to cuddle with me a bit before he wakes for good. This morning, he told me somewhat proudly that he did not wake up last night. Grown up already! =/

He also says grown-up things. Asked him where he wanted his ketchup and, "Hmmm, let me think..." That was the Saturday before my birthday, when we had ribs at Morganfield's. We hadn't been there for a long time. The last time, both Kai and Yang were roaming around, especially Yang. This time, Yu roamed around quite a bit. But Kai and Yang were mostly seated. And Kai could actually finish his kiddy meal!

With lots of ketchup of course!

Yang did too though his attention was on the TV!

Yu just wanted whatever we were having!

But I still have three full boxes of baby cereals, argh...

The kids also do and say the darnest things.

Sito had to change his pants at Uniqlo due to wrong colour - black vs. navy blue?? While waiting for him, Kai and Yang did some shopping too.

"Which pair is good?"


Everything was yucky until this!

We showed him pictures around the shop, showing models wearing Uniqlo stuff, and asked him whether that was handsome. Nope.... When I led him to a mirror and asked whether the guy inside was handsome, he said yes! So confident!

I'm reading Raising Men now. I was especially taken by one part where the author's kid asked him why the other fathers weren't in the pool like hers, and the author realised that the other kids probably realised that their fathers weren't too. I've always wanted to spend more time with them and this was the catalyst spurring me to action!

I planned outdoors and wet weather plans for Kai and Yang this morning. Of course we had to turn to the wet weather plans due to the constant rain.

Measuring and mixing for a chocolate cake!

They both wanted to do everything it was exhausting trying to distribute tasks!

Turned out that I used double the amount of oil accidentally! But luckily, it still rose; it just turned out more moist - and unhealthy? But olive oil? :p

And the boys loved it!

We still fought a lot though, the boys among themselves - even Yu as he started to want in on many things but his brothers wouldn't share - and me scolding them. But we spent some nice hours together, baking, eating, looking at old photos of Mama, lying in bed a little, reading, even cutting nails!

Must remember not to be lazy and do more with our kiddos while they still want us!

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