Saturday, 6 November 2010

Another fun TG!

Ok, third consecutive post on food!

But this time, I didn’t cook anything.. Friday was Asian food festival cum dance TG. There were a number of stalls – Sg, Thai, Japanese, Indian, PRC, Korean and Taiwanese. Of course we were manning the Sg stall :)

I got involved somehow.. Again.. But it was fun! Did some art and craft to come up with our décor, food labels, slides and badges for the team!

Our stall – the flag was made from six sheets of paper :p The labels also described each food. I like the one for steamed rice – it read: White rice, steamed :p

We asked a Chinese restaurant to cook char kway teow, sambal kangkong and har cheong gai according to our recipes. I only tried the chicken and it had a lot more prawn taste than the ones I had in Sg! Sito said the char kway teow was so-so but the kangkong was like the real deal! We also had others complimenting the kangkong and chicken. Overall, success! :)

The team which was supposed to wear red but only I did! And it was the Sg Day sweater from last year! :p

I like the sweater. Was talking about it and found two Singaporeans who were at Sg Day 2007! Small world..

And a close-up on the badges we took home – I made them!

For our slides, I used the same city and food pictures and preceded them with a familiar sight in Sg - HDB flats :p

Oops, not too clear...

In the middle of the session, MOVE and the Indian club gave three performances – salsa, hip hop and bhangra! It was such fun even though we continued to dish out food to our “customers” :)

We sold out pretty soon and went exploring.. For some reason, the PRC stall had pseudo Chinese food – angmoh-ised dishes like crab Rangoon *.* Sito bought Japanese and Korean food in addition to our stall food. So we had quite a bit to eat :)

Took the flag home. Now it’s hanging above our book shelf :)

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