Thursday, 25 November 2010

My concubines :p

Just remembered that I had another blog titled “TAROS – 2 years 11 months and counting” tucked away in a web portal my office developed.

TAROS stood for “technically a returned overseas Singaporean”, and yes, it was created 2 years and 11 months after I got back for good from Oxford.

Since I’ll be in Evanston for another year odd, I’m an overseas Singaporean again!

Actually, I stopped updating it for years... There were a grand total of six posts since 2006, four of which were drawn from here anyway..

So I killed the blog :p

I've two other blogs on blogspot that I've stopped updating. One is in Chinese, an attempt at writing rather than mf-ising. Used to do that pretty well in school but well, I hardly have inspiration now.. The other one is fiction, cos I like the idea of me being a witch! :p All gone now until I have inspiration. And more time.

mf-ism remains my one and only love :)

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